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LCD Television, AWA 32” Review

We arent going to get into the LCD vs Plasma debate today, although I will pass some comments on that issue and my recommendations on what to buy in todays widescreen market. On the bench we have what is about the cheapest 32” LCD in the Australian market. What can you expect from a bargain basement widescreen LCD? Well the results are surprising really so read on and find out.

Before we begin, a word about AWA, now this isnt the company that used to make TV’s/radios etc. That business has become defunct and the name has been purchased and slapped onto LCD panels made by a Chinese manufacturer. A great idea, if a little misleading, better than “Wing Chus’ TV’s”...

Firstly the aesthetics of this LCD display are ahead of expectations considering price. The model on review here is the older of the AWA 32” LCD’s, however in my opinion its by far the better looking.

Ive owned this LCD TV for about 7 years now, its still going strong, Ive bought a new 52” Samsung LCD which is an awesome tele, but the AWA is still useful.


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